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plastic solutions


SMK Converted Expanded Rubber and plastic products
are as diverse as the industries we serve.


The Industries we serve are

The range of products carried are typical of some of our standards offering.
SMK is, however, dedicated to fulfilling any other product application you may have that
falls within the scope of our supply, manufacturing and conversion capabilities.
• Building and Construction
• Medical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical
• Automotive
• Leisure and Retail
• Marketing and Promotional
• Electronic
• Packaging
• Marine and Boating
• Aviation
• Mining and Industrial
• Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
• Armaments, Defence and Security
  Products into the above sectors are supplied in a
  multitude of formats including:
  Customised die - cuts, strip, full sheets, fabricated
  components, extrusions, laminated and profiles.
  Most products are available in either plain or
  self-adhesive format.
Expanded Closed Cell Foams